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Shipping & International Removals

Shipping and International Removals

Sanderson’ of Boston Spa offers a comprehensive International shipping service to destinations across the Globe.

Whether you are a returning national, an expat, migrant or employee on corporate secondment, we can transport your possessions to your new home country. At Sanderson’s our international shipping service will plan everything for you, from on site export packing, collection, delivery, unpacking and reinstatement in your new home overseas.

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By Sea and by Air

Sanderson’s of Boston Spa can ship household effects and furniture for customers from the UK to destinations worldwide. We can ship your belongings by air or by sea, please see below for further information about each method of transport.

Shipping by sea is usually the most cost effective way to move your household effects, it is also the most popular method. There are three main ways to ship your belongings. Which one is right for you will depend on your budget and on the volume of goods which you are taking with you.

Full Container Load (FCL) – this involves access to your own, exclusive use container. The contents of a three bedroom house can usually fit into a 20ft container.

Shared Container / Groupage Service – this is useful if you are sending a selected number of items or if you haven’t got enough to fill a full container.

Baggage Service – this service is usually used for sending a single item e.g. suitcase or a few items.

by Air (Air Freight)

Sending your household goods by air is a useful option if you prefer a shorter transit time. As it is a faster service than shipping by sea, it is a good option for smaller shipments or essential items which are needed immediately when arriving at destination, for example clothes / baby cots and pushchairs etc.

Air freight is also useful for employees being sent on short assignments for work if the assignment length is less than the sea freight journey time.

An air service can sometimes be cost effective for larger shipments if the destination is inland or far away from a sea port but in general it is more expensive than sending your goods by sea. This is due to the airline’s fuel costs and also the labour involved in preparing the consignment for shipment by air (due to high security regulations). However, the shorter transit times are a key benefit for many people.

All of our air freight consignments are export packed and then enclosed in specially made tri-wall cardboard cases. They are then palletised in preparation for transit.

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