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Commercial Removals of Boston Spa & Harrogate

Commercial Removals services, providing comprehensive commercial moving services.

These include business relocation, storage, document services, Workplace Solutions, retail and home delivery services, furniture fitting and equipment handling, storage and installation services.

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Wherever in the country - or the world - you're planning on moving your office or business to, we're the commercial or business removals company for the job.

With over 80 years business removals experience, our specialist consultants will find the right moving services to make your office move hassle-free.

Employee Relocations

Acquiring and retaining the talent in your business often means relocating people. Whether you are moving people across the country or bringing them in from the other side of the world, our experts can help make relocating employees easier.



Sanderson's understand that successfully relocating your employees is essential to your business move. As experts in managing the relocation from start to finish, we offer a full range of relocation services and programmes that can be delivered globally and domestically.

International Relocations

Moving a business overseas is not an easy job. Which is why we're here to take the stresses and strains away from your international office move.

With over 80 years experience and affiliations with removals companies around the globe, we'll get your business where it needs to be.

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