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Antique Removals of Boston Spa & Harrogate

Looking after your family hierlooms

We understand family heirlooms have a higher sentimental value to our clients and are consequently more valuable to them.

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In either monetary or emotional terms we know the value of your possessions and have developed an expertise in handling antiques over the many years we have been in business.

Each piece will require its own specialised treatment and bespoke wooden packing boxes are often hand made for individual pieces.

So whether it is your priceless Chippendale dining chair, the Seago landscape above your fireplace or the tapestry that your Grandmother hand stitched, you can be assured your cherished possession will arrive as it left.


There are many different methods of packing antiques as opposed to ordinary everyday effects. Moving china and glass would take a thorough assessment and if necessary, these items would be packed in a specialist wooden crate containing flow pack (poly chips) which will protect them from possible dangers.

With furniture a full export wrap would be the minimum ensuring that all weak points are protected, if the item is large and unwieldy this could be crated, as this is a more stable way of moving delicate items.

Paintings can be wrapped but the best way to protect is to crate, this way they are more secure and avoid the risk of possibly falling on something, maybe a stone on the floor which could damage it.

The key with books is to pack them so that they do not move. For antique books and those of a great value, we can adapt other techniques to provide protection. This could include extra wrapping.

Silverware will be protected in acid free paper. This can also be used to prevent tarnishing and if required these items would be crated.

Our customers, on occasions, do have their own special collections of antiques. If this is the case, they should call us out and we can provide a comprehensive protection and packing service detailed as above.

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